Here it is, Finally. It’s been 6+ months of Twin mama life and through generosity, campaigns, personal trial and error, here is without a doubt a list of the things I love. Most of these are for newborns and infants (basically under 1 year old), since I’m evidently not at the toddler stage yet. I’m going to try to be as comprehensive as I can possibly be, so let’s DIVE IN.

Note: Some of these items have affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission on their sale.


Guess what, I already did some homework on all my fave brands right here. So just go on ahead and use that resource. I will say without a doubt, if I had to pick a single brand as affordable, offering great quality, and all the basics you can need, it would have to be Primary. I have washed and rewashed them and they really hold their shape and color, still look and feel newer than a few other more expensive brands that may have cooler designs or prints.


You’re going to need these, no question about it. And you won’t go wrong with any of these three. It really may come down to the design and price you prefer, but they all do a great job. Do you need the more luxe Artipoppe pictured above? Most likely not, but they do make a hell of a statement and no corners were cut in the quality here.


Honestly, I much prefer fabric wrap carriers to the more overly designed structured ones. But they do serve very different purposes. The first 3 months, the wrap carriers were everything. However, as the twins got older, we definitely started to appreciate the additional support and ergonomic design of the above options. I’m still rocking my wrap carriers at home, I feel like there’s a closeness with them that can’t be replicated. I will shoutout Keababies for being made of slightly thicker and more sturdy fabric which was great for winter months and really prevented any slouching or fear of them kicking their way out. There is a learning curve in the right amount of tight and give, but I promise, once you get it, you get it.


There must or atleast should be an official catch-all term for all the things your baby will put in their mouth, from bottles to pacifiers to teethers. I bought them all, I was gifted a few and these are the ones left standing. The twins may not agree on much cos they are hella different but they agree on these.


You’re going to go through these at a crazy pace and with twins, I might as well sleep next to my washing machine. Quality and durability here is really important cos there will be plenty of spills and oopsies.


Getting from Point A to Point B with babies is really about strollers and car seats, that’s of course unless you’re using one of the carriers above. We have both the SilverCross and the Nuna Pippa Grow, both are excellent and it really comes down to the conditions of where you live. If you want the SUV of strollers, spacious, comfy, space for all your baby gear, can handle all conditions, – then SilverCross it is. Suffering from limited space, need something smaller, can handle tight turns and lighter- then Nuna it is. When it comes to car seats, have to give it to the Nuna Pippa lite, officially the lightest car seat on the market. Your arms will thank you.


So, alot of the time, you need some place to put your baby down. Somewhere for them to lay, sit, nap, lounge, eat, or just be safe while you take a second for yourself. We had a lot of things and returned quite a few once it was clear that we were only going to be using just the below. I have to flag that the boys lived and I repeat lived in the Snuggle Me. I can’t imagine not having had that from the beginning. It’s technically a co-sleeper (even tho’ the recommendation is not to sleep with your babies). We used it for naps in crib, on couch, on floor. It was the perfect cozy space for the boys and they would just pass out in these- always so happy. And as soon as they hit the 3month mark, we started putting them in the Babybjorn bouncer which is still their fave hangout spot. Lastly to prevent their grandma from getting a heart attack now that they crawl all over the place, we recently got a Joovy Room 2 and so happy we did.


Nestig Cloud crib

Oh the many different places they will sleep. And at first, I didn’t get why you need all these different things, co-sleepers, cribs, bassinets, moses baskets, even playmats. Cos boy oh boy, they will sleep everywhere. Well, what I do know now is you really could skip the bassinet and go straight to crib. You can do whatever makes sense to you and your baby.

For us, we used the Snoo Bassinet cos we had been drooling over it and we were lucky to have it gifted. It was a beautiful gift, and something we thoroughly found valuable. The babies would pass out and stay asleep in it, we had all this sleep data, but we are aware it’s a splurge. My recommendation for those that would like to experience its benefits but worry about $$$ would be to look into renting, or see what resale looks like. I find that because it is a very desired item, you will likely be able to sell it at the end of the 6 month period. I’ll be putting together a full-on review.
We also love our Nestig cribs, and it was a leap of faith as it was from brand new company. I was swayed by the details they share about their sustainable production process (only built when you order) and the materials used. Detailed review coming soon. Added a few more cribs above and you should also check out Babyletto options.


We’ve only just began the journey from milk to solids, so we now have entered high chair territory, and we’re also getting food containers, spoons, bibs and more. Truth is with most things, an Ikea Antilop high chair at $19.99 is likely all you’ll ever need. But we all know what happens, we fall in love with a certain style and certain features and all sense goes out the door. So let’s not pretend that we’re getting any of these more expensive high chairs because we NEED them. Here are my faves including 2 we currently have. My abso fave at this moment is the super minimal Supaflat. easy to clean and folds so flat, you’d think it couldn’t possibly be sturdy.


We’re trying to avoid getting carried away in the toy zone, so looking for activity toys, mobility toys and quite frankly toys that aren’t going to take up space or hurt my eyes with garishness. I apologize for my kids in advice, but they won’t be getting too many colorful toys. Maybe I should apologize for myself when I have to eat my words.


Quick note: A more comprehensive list of things I shop for babies (books, wipes, burp cloths, lotion, playmats etc) can be found on my Amazon Idea List.



  1. Amanda R

    April 5, 2021 at 5:09 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing – this post was super helpful. It’s very difficult for first-time parents to navigate the world of baby gear. It’s nice to know what worked for others!

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    February 26, 2021 at 4:24 am Reply

    Great post, I love my artipoppe carrier. Which one do you like best? They are pricey but here is a price break on your first purchase

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