I partnered with CVS to help bring awareness to their skin cancer prevention campaign. I’m happy to once again partner with CVS as they continue their commitment to helping customers on a path to better health.

In September 2014, CVS Health became the first national retail pharmacy chain to stop selling tobacco products in all of its stores because it conflicted with their purpose of helping people on their path to better health. Since then, a few others have followed suit, but more importantly, an analysis published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed that this singular move, led to an overall decline in tobacco purchases for all retailers.

Now again, CVS is leading the charge in the mission for better health- this time around the company is working to remove all parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde donors from over 600 products across their CVS Health, Beauty 360, Essence of Beauty, Promise Organic and Blade store brand products by the end of 2019!

Some background: parabens are a group of synthetic compounds commonly used as preservatives in a wide range of health, beauty and personal care products. While widely used, of concern is that while individual products may contain limited amounts of parabens within safe limits set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), cumulative exposure to the chemicals from several different products could be overloading our bodies and contributing to a wide range of health problems.

With this in mind, I went on a shopping trip to see what product swaps I could make and found that there are so very many options to choose from. I was looking for products that I could use every day and that would address my skincare concerns. Since my main concerns are dry skin (often worse in the winter time) as well as acne and blemishes,  I decided on selecting products that would address those issues.


While I have only used these products for a little while, I can say that they are just as effective if not more as similar products- I do not see any deterioration in product even in the absence of parabens.

I’ll encourage you to check out the list of CVS branded products that no longer contain parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde and see which swaps you can make for yourself. You’ll be the better for it in the long run.


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