There’s nothing new about lip balms, they’ve been around forever. However, when EOS came on the scene over the last few years, they revolutionized the industry because they were dedicated to creating a product that addressed the concerns of women. Additionally they took into consideration 3 other things that their competitors missed.

  1. Recognizable, unique design that is also functional. The spherical design makes it easy for application while also being the prettiest thing in your handbag.
  2. Natural, Organic and free of harmful additives, even gluten free – unlike most every other balm on the market, EOS balms do not contain petroleum since the lips cannot absorb it. Instead, they use natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E etc., to allow the balm to penetrate the skin more deeply and create a protective layer on the lips.
  3. Always innovating and improving, from ingredients, to design to flavors to working on sustainability. EOS is always giving its customer something new, something to be excited about.

And this holiday season, they have revealed their latest limited edition collection- the holiday collection which not only makes a great stocking stuffer, it’s perfect to get for yourself.

The holiday collection includes quite a few fun new flavors; sugarplum,  first snow, holiday dazzling ruby tint, peppermint cream and more.

If I had to choose, I would get the limited edition trio of first snow + fireside chai + pomegranate raspberry. I definitely think that something great about the holidays is giving the folks we care about, something they may not otherwise get from themselves. Even when we’re talking about the small things; actually- especially when we’re talking about the small things. I know that often times, my girlfriends and I will check in on what the other person is now using. It is often hard to get your friends and family to shift their regimen, just by word of mouth- so usually if I discover an affordable gem that’s really fun or great- instead of telling them, I’ll just get it for them. It’s just so much easier.

I actually recall my own personal experience with EOS. I had seen the little sphere everywhere but did not get the “hype”. I was certain hype- was all it was. Yes it was cute, but I had been a several years devotee to a standard product that I would grab by the pharmacy register for years and didn’t see the point. That was until I received one as a gift and it became immediately apparent that ignorance wasn’t bliss. Better is simply Better.
So, for all the holiday kisses to come, especially those under the mistletoe, give a little something fresh, sure to make the receiver smile.


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