Mother’s day is fast approaching and I’m thinking of things to do for my mom and ways in which I can make her feel special. I have partnered this Mothers day with L’Occitane to share a collection that does just that, highlights all that is special about mom and seeks to make her feel special not just on Mother’s day but every day of the year.

When it comes to picking what I think my mom would enjoy, I particularly love the Lavender collection which is perfect for a day of relaxing from the lavender foaming bath to lavender scented candle and more.


This year, for mother’s day, I thought I’ll count down 10 big and small ways in which my mom has been nothing short of amazing to me:

  1. Every time she watched Sleeping Beauty with me on repeat, singing the songs with me, even though I’m sure she was so tired from a long day at work.
  2. Every time she re-did my braids because I complained that I didn’t like how they turned out… and she would do them over just for me, just so I could feel beautiful.
  3.  Every time she let me borrow your jewelry even the nice ones- and even more when she didn’t yell at me when I lost it or got them all tangled up.
  4.  Every time she would tell me I was beautiful and smart and funny- praising me for all my victories- big and minuscule alike, laughing at all my jokes – the funny and the not so funny.
  5.  Every time she drove very far to get me my favorite meals- because I couldn’t have a favorite restaurant that was closer to home.
  6.  Every time she worked late, worked long hours, worked on a crazy number of business ventures so that she could get for my siblings and I, everything we needed and more.
  7.  Every time she made my favorite donuts, the ones I called “make me well” which were a time suck to make.
  8.  Every time she calls me just to see what kind of day I’m having or just to tell me that she loves me.
  9.  Every time she listened on the phone hours on end, while I cried, yelled, complained or sulked. Even at my worst, she is always at her best.
  10.  Every time she reminded me that it will all be OK. I don’t know what I would do without a Mom like her.

Go ahead pick up something special for mum right here, but first give me 3 reasons (or more) why she deserves all this and more.



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