Take a minute, breathe in, breathe out. Think of your day- what is your day really like?  It’s probably not quite 7am and your to-do list is longer than ever. You know somehow you have to attack the day, crush the day, you need to make this day better than the last. Take another breathe.

Like so many women, I feel like I have more than just one Eight Hour story. The reality is that I have 2 eight hour days- the early first shift: workouts (when and where possible), finding time to eat (kiddie cereal doesn’t count), meetings (there are plenty and they are endless), planning out how to be most effective during the day. This is all during the first shift and before I know it, it’s on to the second shift (emails (there are many and they are necessary), blogging (where and when possible), attending events (fun but exhausted).  

Take a Breathe – Multi-tasking- the thing we as women pride ourselves in.

As an attorney during the day and a blogger at night- it’s always non-stop. Don’t get me wrong- I am not complaining, I love most every minute of it (let’s be frank- the rush hour commute is often less than fun). It’s the norm now, to be constantly running around -be it managing careers, families, extended families, passion, adventure and it can all be a lot.

If there’s one lesson I have learned (and I’m happy I learned early enough) it has been to take care of myself. It’s always the little things that make the difference- these little things are the foundation to wellbeing. I make a conscious decision to take care of my diet, take care of my heart and to take care of the skin I’m in. My health, heart and skin will be with me longer than anything else and they are all very deserving of a little or rather a lot of love.


I found a little skin love in the mega Eight Hour skincare collection by Elizabeth Arden. Skin love that knows that we’re doing too much and have too little time to devote to a 10+ step regimen. Products like the Eight Hour Hydrating Mist and Eight Hour Skin Portectant that are perfect on the go and for every situation without ever cutting corners.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour line is about hydrating, nourishing and protecting our skin whenever and wherever. You’ll see and feel the difference. Dry skin – handled, irritated skin- sorted. It’s important that I don’t let a busy stressful life show on my face- that I look vibrant not worn out. 

If you haven’t found your skincare regimen yet, you should try this- better yet you should enter the Elizabeth Arden sweepstakes, where you could win the entire Elizabeth Arden collection. All you have to do is follow @elizabetharden and tag #ElizabethArden and #Sweepstakes.

What does your Eight Hour look like?


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