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It just sounded better saying that my love affair with Etsy is a mere decade old. To be honest, it’s much more than that. My affinity for the site is best documented by how it relates to a very special occasion in my life; namely, my wedding. It was sometime in late 2008 and early 2009 while I was planning my wedding, that I not only fully embraced the platform, but I started to find that there’s something special about bridging the gap between the consumer and the maker. But more than anything, there was an excitement of constant discovery, discovering things I couldn’t find through mass manufacturers. I discovered stories of shop owners and designers, I uncovered arts & crafts and fashion that told a unique story from a unique point of view and I found myself invested and vested in the success of these people- these small business owners, these creative spirits, these risk-takers.

And all these years later, I still stop in my tracks as I scroll. There’s always something new to discover- the creativity never ends. And I think that is what keeps bringing me back to this site, this platform, this marketplace, is all the big and small ways everyday people are sharing their talent with the world. I realize that the pieces I cherish the most in my home (decor) and on my dresser (jewelry) and in my closet (clothing, bags etc) and the ones that don’t feel disposable are those that came with a story and with a connection. Because it ‘s not just about how much you paid for something, but how things make you feel, the memories and experiences associated with them.

It’s almost silly how these little things, made by independent designers can be the source of great beauty and joy in my home. They can add a uniqueness to my home, to my outfit and they often lift my mood. As most women know, we love when someone asks us where we got something, it’s almost a validation of our taste level and it also highlights the uniqueness of the thing- because after all, if you could easily find it anywhere, why would anyone as to where you got it from.

I have heard some people say they are overwhelmed by the options on the platform, I challenge you to not see it that way, instead to consider all the many treasures you can find, if you give it a try. Over the years, it has been made extremely easier to navigate with Editor selections, with product breakdowns that go to the tiniest detail and with dedicated curated favorites pages like mine- one of many ways to discover new items and new shops. This is why I’ve partnered with Etsy to curate all my favorite items in one place and to help you discover new items and shop you love.

As I complete the renovation of my new home and prep for babies, I realize that there’s something for all my life changes- from custom made baby toys to nursery wallpaper to living room pillows, to antique furniture and everything in between.


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