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Galentine’s day- when Leslie Knope, one of my fave characters on a tv show (namely parks and recreation) created this little holiday- it was an instant- why not? Why don’t we have  a little time set aside for the women we love and sometimes spend more time with than anyone else- our girlfriends- they are the ones we call when you know who misbehaves, the ones we talk to when there is No significant other, the one we text when we think there’s a new hopeful relationship on the horizon. But not everything revolves around relationships- much of our gal time is to talk and share about other things- work, careers, children, politics, activism. From love to heartbreak, from being lost to discovery. So how is it- that’s the roses and dinner are all saved for Valentine’s Day.

So ladies- when Seagram’s Escapes said- hey how about we sponsor a little girl time for you and your gals to celebrate Galentines- I said hey why the hell not??

The first thing we would need would be drinks- definitely chatting goes well with a little something to sip and chat with. Problem solved- I’ve got Seagram’s Escapes in the fridge- what flavor? Well- all of them, (add flavors) make it even more festive with some fresh fruit, lime wedges, cherries or even sliced berries. Fancy it up- your girls deserve it.

Next, flowers, real flowers- they just lift a room, they smell great and gets everyone in the right spirit. Roses are a staple for a reason- when they open up, so perfect. But there’s so many other flowers that would do. You don’t have to stick with traditional red or whites either- go ahead mix and match, from colors to varieties.

Food- well, you can do a few things here, depending on your style and your crew. My gals love to cook, they are so busy that cooking is a luxury and a joy- when we get together, we want to be in the kitchen. But that’s just one set of friend- I have another girl squad that’s meal prepping every week and they really don’t want down time to be cooking time, so guess what- there’s an app for that. There’s no shame in calling in for your fave meal- maybe even ignore your usual limits, splurge a bit, get something you wouldn’t normally dare order. Because- why not?

And it’s that simple. You have food, drinks, your friends, in your flower-filled home- I promise you/ that’s the perfect- most no stress way to enjoy and celebrate Galentine’s day.

Much love to every single one of you!!!


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