I’m so happy I made it to the Essence StreetStyle Block Party this year.  So many positive, glowing, and beautiful people.  I got to meet so many people I admire and follow, and I got to meet quite a few of you who read this blog and follow me on other platforms. I even got some tips for my Instagram (tag everything she said) which was so very appreciated. I’m always trying to be better.  While there were a lot of stylish and beautiful looking people at the event, what really made it special for me was the positive energy all around. People were loving, kind, complimentary and sooo supportive of each other.

Quick shout out to Essie Bartels of Essie Spice. I didn’t get to grab a pic with her, but that’s one inspirational, entrepreneurial woman. Her spices are the truth and her cinnamon, ginger drink was positively (yup, a 3rd positive) the best thing I had all day. It was just the refresher I needed for a really HOT day. Also, mad love to my person, Tina of TinasTastyEats who was my partner in navigating through the fest and has just  been everything a girl could ask for from a sister over the past few.  Yup, who woulda thought that a block party would be giving me all these feels…Whew!!!

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Wearing Club Monaco romper and Vest
Bag by Clare V.


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