It starts with playdates, you don’t even know what it is, your parents set it up. Then you start kindergarten and you learn how to make friends, many times it’s as random as the kid that is seated closest to you.  You get older and you start having more of a say as to who is part of your circle. By high school- you hope you’re part of the popular crew (not the mean girls crew- cos that’s something entirely different).  By college you believe you’ve figured it out and that this group will be your core for life. And in many ways they might be- but then life happens. They move away, some get married, babies, new jobs, different schedules and all of a sudden you’re crew-less. That show you wanted to see, no one to see it with. That party you wanted to check out- no one is available. That daytrip you would love to go on- it’s going to have to be solo.  And it hits you, just how much harder it is to make new friends- how with every passing day, it gets increasingly harder to find your girl gang.

When Bumble (yes that bumble, the dating app) told me that they were more than just a dating app- that they had figured out that there were many women who were looking to make new friends (not just finding new guys), the idea immediately appealed to me because I could completely relate. And just like that, an afternoon with the girls was born- a mix of old friends and new bumble friends.

Like most things in life- you don’t know if you don’t try. You don’t know that there’s people out there who you can relate to on every level until you strike up that conversation with them and next thing you know- you’ve been chatting for hours.  People who you share stories with and they get it, they get your jokes, your stories and it just clicks. Maybe we get jaded as we get older, more reserved, less trusting… it may be a form of self-preservation but I’m learning that you miss out alot when you don’t try. I won’t trade the laughs and stories shared for anything… I’m happy there’s an app like Bumble helping women like me find their girl gang.





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