It’s funny, I recall starting this blog probably around 9 years ago- I can’t even recall the exact day anymore, mostly because the blog went through a  few different iterations on a few different platforms.  But from platform to platform and with every name change, I learned something new, and I became better because of it.  There’s no question I get asked more than what to do about starting and growing a blog. Interesting enough, most of the work is not in the starting and once you get momentum, you’ll be inspired to continue. But it’s in the stagnant moments, in the daily maintenance, that you have to stand steadfast and remind yourself 2 things: (1) Why you are doing this and (2) That you CAN do this. The opportunities that have availed themselves to me were not overnight, they were plenty of nights, weeks, months and years in the making. This is not to say that it need take you that long. It’s just to say that perseverance and hard work pay off almost every time. It’s all we have control of- how we handle a situation and how much effort we put into it.

As I sit in this space, this space of brand collaborations, sponsorships etc,  there’s nothing better, than the opportunity to be a part of a collaboration of a campaign that highlights the best in us; that promotes awareness, positivity, empowerment and action. Reebok’s Be More Human Campaign, which is now in it’s 4th year, urges all of us to live up to our full potential and that resonates with me so very much. This year, the focus of the campaign has been on celebrating women who are transforming themselves and the world around them. I know that includes so many of you- working to transform not just your lives but to improve the lives of those around you.  I know- I try, I may not always succeed and I may sometimes be really bad at it, but my success is in not quitting.

This t-shirt I’m wearing isn’t just another t-shirt– It is one that can make a difference. For every t-shirt purchased, Reebok will donate 100% of the purchase price to The Women’s Strength Coalition and The Movemeant Foundation. Also from 7/15 to 12/31, Reebok will donate $5 for each person who posts an original workout photo to Instagram or Twitter and tags with #BeMoreHuman, up to 2,500 posts. Donation will be split equally between Women’s Strength Coalition and Movemeant Foundation Charities.

So take a minute to think about what you want to be doing today and what you need to do to achieve it. You’ve Got This!

Outfit: Be More Human Tee and Classic Sneakers



  1. Kenni Luc

    August 9, 2018 at 4:59 pm Reply

    This was just what I needed to read. Thanks Cyn!

  2. Kristie

    August 6, 2018 at 9:04 pm Reply

    Donating 100% to such a great cause is amazing! Plus, loving how you styled the tee. The shoes are on point!

  3. Terri Maxwell

    July 31, 2018 at 10:41 am Reply

    Love this! You are an inspiration 🙂

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