This is my 3rd year in a row working with Walmart fashion and it just keeps getting better and that’s because everytime I think they’ve outdone themselves with a collection, they do it again and even better. 

Most of us are looking for that perfect balance in quality, affordability and wow factor and you can’t tell me this Scoop drop didn’t deliver. I know they did, cos I ordered pretty much everything that hadn’t sold out even though I didn’t even have to.

I love that there’s options for the color fans, as well as options for the more low key folks. I love that the fit on everything I got is so flattering. But what I love most, is the ability to really mix and match here. So getting 4 individual pieces is like getting double the looks. Pairing red and green or green with pink, there’s so much you can play around with. Check out my reels here, where I did just that.

P.S. I say this every time, but some folks seem to be always surprised when I say that some of my most loved looks are from Walmart- but I can assure you that those who know- know. Check them out if you haven’t already.


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