I have a love hate relationship with working out. Who am I kidding? I have a hate hate relationship with working out. I don’t need lectures about just how important it is, I know that well enough- I know I feel better when I’m done, I know I look better when I’m done, I know I should love it, every minute of it, because it’s necessary, because it’s good. But it’s so hard to love it, it’s so hard because I’m so busy, it’s so hard because there’s always something else I’m supposed to be doing, somewhere else I’m supposed to be and I just don’t get how I could possibly make it work.

But this time, I’m committed. And yes I’ve said that before, there was the last time and the time before that and who’s counting. But I’m determined to not be dissuaded by my past failures, I’m dedicated to making this the most fun ever, I’m determined to feel good and look good.

I read somewhere and this may seem silly but it’s actually true that something that may seem as superficially silly as dressing up for the gym, can do wonders for your motivation- can i coin a new term “fitivation”? Maybe not. Point is, you know when you get excited about wearing that new outfit and you know you look good, and you’re actually rather excited to go to work, because everyone will get to see your new outfit? Well, that’s the same thing here. If I can be excited about my athletic wear/gear- I might actually be excited about making it to the gym- Hey, every bit of “fitivation” counts.

And it’s in that spirit, that I’m gearing up- researching and finding out not only the best performance gear (high impact, adequate stretch, moisture resistant, etc) but also the best looking (flattering and unique design) and last but not least- versatile. I started this post by talking about how we’re always running around- I need something that can take me from groceries, to park, to workout without skipping a beat.

So color me surprised when a brand I’ve been drooling over for their clean, minimal modern clothing announced that they were launching an athleisure line called Lou & Grey FORM. I was even more excited when Lou & Grey reached out and offered me a chance to try out  pieces from the FORM collection. I’m already feeling like a total badass even though I haven’t logged nearly enough hours at the gym this season to call myself that. I’m excited about starting over and putting myself back to work. I’m even more excited about looking like I’m a pro at this- sometimes you have to fake it until you make it.


If you have a love-hate or hate-hate relationship with working out, what do you do to inspire yourself, to push yourself? No judgment here, please share.


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