At just 21 years old, Emma Agese is the founder of her own beauty line, Agese Oils.  Inspired by a desire to create natural but affordable skin and haircare products, Emma applied for and received a £2,500 (approx $5,000) startup loan. With it, she went to work, travelling to India for 10 weeks to source her ingredients.  I’m always so proud to see a young woman going out there and making things happen for herself. I’m happy Emma could take a minute to share her experiences so far. Let’s meet Emma.

What changes would you like to see in the beauty industry?
My concept of business is a very straightforward one. I believe business should be conducted under the basic principal of love. I treat the people I work with as well as I would my closest friends (not the silly familiarity jokes, I always maintain a work boundary but in terms of truly wanting the best for them). I think if the industry concepts and ideas stemmed from this basis many challenges which the industry faces today would be a thing of the past. This is where I get passionate, if you look at some of the bigger firms in the industry, (no names mentioned) they are fully aware of the harm some ingredients they use in their cosmetics cause, they sell these products to millions all over the world, taking no time out to educate people that the products they are using can one day be a factor to the reason why they developed cancer, or the reason why their eczema just never seems to be going away. I would like to see more education going on. 

What one piece of advice would you give any person starting out?
Do it! Everything we see today was accomplished by a “mere” or “great” human just like you! You’re half way there just by having a mind that can think! You are more than capable.

With British Prime Minister, David Cameron
What are your plans for the future with Agese Oils?
My idea of the future of Agese Oils is a very long list! We have many exciting things planned. It’s our core vision to make every lady’s beauty habit a healthy one, it’s very apparent that women all over the world are wising up to the ingredients they use daily. I can’t spill much but behind the scenes we’re working on some interesting things to facilitate this. The US is not far off on our agenda either! (Shhh)

For fun: some fill in the blanks
I can’t get through the day without …… Checking my emails. Even on holiday! It’s bad. 
I’m currently reading……. About Bees (it’s not a book), I’m a little captivated by them at present.
My favorite music artists are …….. It changes every month! Currently Mariah Carey & Sinach
I’m lusting after ……  
great scrubs & body muds, statement bracelets & necklaces for my winter wears
My dream vacation would be …… I’m still yet to visit Thailand, I absolutely adore Thai food + beautiful scenery + lovely spas + rich culture + shopping = perfection. It’d be a two week trip. 2 days spent in absolute luxury and 10 days living with a Thai local (comfortable living), I love experiencing the “truth” of any country I visit. Then the last two days back in a luxury hotel, with spas etc. (I feel ya)

Well, I just want to thank Emma Agese for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this and she’s offered up for any one of you the chance to win ONE item of your choice, she’ll ship it ANYWHERE which is a biggie.  Be it the Face Glow, the Skin Silk or the Hair Gold, just follow the instructions below- pretty straightforward.

Good Luck!

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