I feel extremely blessed to have always lived in places with peace or relative peace. It’s something so many of us take for granted but it’s hardly a given in so much of the world. It’s hard to fathom living a normal life, raising a family, pursuing a passion in a war torn part of the world. Becoming  a refugee is not something anyone wishes- leaving their homes and families behind, but sometimes it’s the only choice many are left with.

I’m happy that as a result of my collaborations with Away, I have been able to discovered Peace Direct. Away has been committed to the work, cause, and mission of Peace Direct—donating their time, expertise as well as their platform and network to raise awareness of the important work that Peace Direct and their partners do every day.

I’m hoping that I can use my small platform here to spread the word about the launch of the official partnership and microsite of Away x Peace Direct. First up- a little background:

  • Peace Direct is a non-profit that identifies and empowers grassroots organizations that are building peace right where they are.

  • Peace Direct supports the local people already working in areas of conflict, building unity through community-based programs and forging real connections in areas of unrest.



  • Their efforts includes but are not limited to:
    • supporting ex-combatants- helping them move away from a life of violence to productive lives as civilians
    • prevent conflict by training local activists to monitor and flag and target potential conflict before it erupts
    • Advocacy- by being a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves and work to influence local policy
    • Help women overcome the terror they often suffer during conflicts (losing their husbands, sexual violence etc)

The Away x Peace Direct partnership will launch their microsite where people affected by conflict will share stories on how their lives have changed as a result of Peace Direct efforts. 


I hope you can find the time to visit the site and read those stories and even more importantly I hope you share and spread the word as well to your circle. Every bit counts, every bit helps. As part of the campaign to get the word out there even more, I’ll be giving away a special Away x Peace Direct tote bag and special cosmetic bag – its so cool, it’s designed as super mini away suitcase. Just tweet, insta, snapchat or spread the word and leave a comment here, so I know you did (honor system).

Thanks Guys!!!




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