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There’s quite a few people I find inspiring for many reasons, but the one person who inspires me so very much every single day, is my big sister.  I can’t even begin to describe just how much she has meant to me and to our entire family. When I see her commitment to so much more than just herself, it makes me strive to be better each day and to live a life of meaning.

For years my sister and I have shared our hopes and aspirations for our native Cameroon.  We have been dissapointed by poor leadership that is common in African nations and the greed and corruption that goes along with it.  My sister- so much more than I, has always been hopeful and adamant that we could very well be part of the positive change that we need to see in Cameroon and in Africa as a whole.

Which is why I am so proud of her and how far she has come with C-Life.  C-Life was born from some of the frustration my sister experienced when she would return to Cameroon and see the massive disconnect between the spiritual lives of the people and their everyday lives. Even with the increasing number of churches, there at the same time appeared to be increasing problems of greed and corruption. Despite having one of the highest literacy rates in Africa, Cameroon’s progress has been hampered by these very persistent problems with corruption. My sister felt that there needed to be in place a community that trained young people to bridge the lessons learned in church and school and to extend that into their professional lives.  A way to instill integrity in young people early on so as to bring an end to the vicious cycle of corruption that has stifled so many African nations.

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I encourage you to read what C-Life’s mission is and if it speaks to you to help C-Life with their mission. Once you read their mission, you’d see that it is an endeavor worth supporting, regardless of your religious beliefs.

This is probably one of the most important things I have shared on here, so I’ll also ask that you share C-Life with others as well – It’s so very necessary.



  1. Baj Battle

    November 26, 2015 at 3:40 am Reply

    Thanks for introducing us to C-Life and your sister Sheila. I applaud her courage to make a difference. Years ago I attended a memorial service for an elderly friend. In sharing memories of his mother, her adult son acknowledged the most important gift his mother instilled in him and his sister—integrity. We all need to consider the “disconnect” we display between our spiritual beliefs and our actions. Trusting C-Life will reap great success in raising “transformational leaders.”

    If each of your Instagram followers donated just $1, the C-Life Launch Campaign Goal of $50,000 would be quickly reached.

    1. simplycyn

      November 30, 2015 at 2:48 am Reply

      Thanks Baj, I really hope others are inspired to help. I love how you put it into context – as to how achievable the goal is.

  2. Sheila

    November 25, 2015 at 5:47 pm Reply

    Thanks so much Sis, it brought tears to my eyes

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