With every passing year, it feels like the Holidays are here before I can properly plan. It’s actually a great thing that time flies as the Holidays are the best time of year, truly my favorite time of year. There’s something about the festive season: the home baking and home cooking, the lights adorning the streets, stores, the neighbors windows and their front lawns and let’s not forget Christmas music everywhere, especially the Christmas anthem “All I want for Christmas”. What all that adds up to, is a season that simply demands happiness and joy and I’m more than happy to oblige.

For me, one of the main joy bringers during the holidays, is all the very many get togethers where we celebrate family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and everyone in between. It’s like the one time of year where we all push each other to be nicer, to be more considerate, to show appreciation and to just spend time with each other.

Back at home, it’s the perfect time to be a hostess and to invite friends and family. There’s not much you need for the perfect holiday get together, there are some well-decided basics- get the right company, get the music, maybe get games but more than anything else, make sure you’ve got plenty of good food and good drinks.

For me, the drink choice was simple. Stella Artois. They are a surefire staple and our go-to brand, so we recently added something new to our repertoire, with Stella Artois Cidre- a bubbly cider that pairs a soft apple-y sweetness with a crisp dryness. It’s perfect for a family gathering when people want to enjoy their drinks; the perfect combo of fun and cordial.

So at this very special time of year, I hope you find a way to see those you love, to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, to look forward to the challenges that may come and to remember that with the right folks next to you; with a solid appreciation of the past and a positive outlook, Everything is possible. And as always, before you know it, you’ll be back here- trying to figure out what to gift, what to cook, what to bake, what to drink and how to celebrate the holidays.



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