Surprise, Surprise- you won’t have to ask me to open my kitchen cabinets. Over the course of our home Home Renovation project, it became increasingly evident to us that we would likely be skipping cabinets or “uppers” as they’re also known. My current apartment and all the previous kitchens I have lived at, have always had more traditional kitchen cabinetry. There was even the one time in a rental apartment in Paris when I had the cabinets with glass, but it was so dark in there, you really couldn’t see much through the glass.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a nice kitchen with beautiful cabinets but faced with the realities of our space, I was worried that cabinets however practical would not give me the look or feel I was going for. Keep scrolling for where we started and where we ended.

Now my challenge will be finding the exact configuration of pots, kitchen utensils and maybe even art that I end up putting on display. Cos when you have open shelving, everyone sees everything and I’d rather they be beautiful and colorful.


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