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How does the saying go? You don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. Well, that is definitely the case with something I most definitely took for granted. And everyone warned me, and I wouldn’t listen, I didn’t think it woud be such a big deal. You may have figured it out by now. I’m talking about Sleep- long deep sleep. Since having the twins- well I don’t think details are necessary, you guys get it- those days of long hours in bed are gone.

And it’s probably for that reason and also the fact that the pending move to new house has me re-evaluating what’s important and what I need to prioritize in terms of things I buy and own. But back to the point, I’m trying to make- a chance to experience bedding by the Company Store couldn’t be more timely. If I’m going to be getting only a few hours sleep, I have to make them count, they need to be as perfect as can be. And quite honestly, one of the sometimes overlooked but defnitely most important parts of guaranteeing a good sleep, correction- a great sleep is the quality of your bedding. There is a direct correlation between the comfort level of your bedding and just how comfortable you can get. From your pillows, sheets, blankets, duvets etc. It’s really about how they feel and how they make you feel.

Highlights for me:

Goodness me, their pillows: This is how it went, my head on their pillows, my head mad at me for taking so long to get some good pillows. Don’t be me, don’t let your head be mad at you.

Sheet options: Not just comfortable but also great to look at. You know that feeling when a bed just beckons for you to jump in. Stop depriving yourself, go ahead, get that bedding you love, from pastels to patterns, from linens to flannel, there’s so many options you can play with and mix and match. Anyone who knows me, knows that I generally stick to white bedding, but the Company Store has me reevaluating that. I can’t wait for the gold and mint sheets I ordered to come in so I can play around with layering fabrics and colors.

Return of the Quilt: It’s no longer summer hot but it’s not quite winter freezing either. I can see how this can be used regardless of seasons. As it gets colder, I may add a few layers to the bed, but this is just perfect on its own right now.

So even when I’m getting bumrushed by the twins, even when I have to finish work in bed, I’m so set and just so much more relaxed. It might only be 3 hours, but I’m making them the best 3 hours.

P.S.- they also make the most comfy lounge and sleepwear, so you should check that out too.


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