WALMART +: What’s the PLUS for?

This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions expressed are my own.

Is more always more? I mean, that’s the question when we try to make a decision on an upgrade. Do we really need the extra, what exactly are we getting, would it be worth it?

And that’s the math, that’s the calculation I had to make when Walmart announced their new Walmart + membership. I was, of course, immediately intrigued as I have been a Walmart partner for the past few years but, more importantly, a Walmart customer for as long as I can remember. There was no back to school without a Walmart trip, no stocking up on college necessities and dorm room decor without Walmart, and now no seasonal outfit changes and best in beauty without Walmart. It’s all been reliable, convenient and always with everyday low prices. 

So, I had to wonder, what more would I get with Walmart+. So I did the only thing you can do when you’re unsure – I decided to try it out. I went ahead and purchased a one-year membership for Walmart+ at $98. As a new member, I received a 15-day trial so there’s no risk for you to try it out too!

Here’s a quick recap of some of the benefits and my thoughts:

Member prices on fuel: I have to admit that due to recent events, we drive more than ever. We also drive an SUV so as you can imagine we’d love to save on gas which, I guess, is pretty much the case for everyone. Since much of what I do on here is talk travel and international travel is, for the most part, on hold, we plan on doing a lot more domestic travel, starting with exploring much of the east coast by car. Timing, therefore, couldn’t be more perfect. Walmart and Murphy have over 1,500 gas and fuel stations across the country and gas savings are 5 cents per gallon- which goes a very long way. Road Trips here we come. 

Upgraded in-store experience with mobile scan & go: We’re all trying to be more efficient- time is, after all, money. And nowadays, most of us prefer to not have to spend too much time in stores. This benefit is really super smart. The members-only mobile scan & go benefit allows you to scan items with your phone as you shop for expedited checkout. This means you get a quick, easy, touch-free payment experience. Definitely plan on using this on my next trip.

Free Unlimited Delivery ($35 min, restrictions apply): I feel like I saved the best for last for this one. This is by far, at least in my opinion, the biggest and best benefit. Think of all the store trips you can skip on busy days, all the last-minute purchases you can use to treat yourself, and the fast restocking on anything you need! This is a great benefit for anyone who’s eligible!

All in all, I have to say that the Walmart+ membership is worth it at just $98 a year for the annual membership, though monthly plans are also available for $12.95 per month. If you do the math, you’ll see the annual option is indeed the more affordable one. At the very least, test the membership out with the 15-day free trial!


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