Work looks can be boring but they don’t have to. I remember in the beginning of my professional career, I was so concerned (and rightfully so) with being taken seriously at work. Unfortunately for me, I thought that translated into boring clothes that made me disappear into a room.  I wrongfully assumed that somehow fading into the background would lead to me being a standout employee.

WRONG. While it is true that people take approximately 7 seconds to make a first impression decision about others, it is also true that those first impressions need to be supported by substance. I have learned to embrace standout moments in fashion, even in a conservative workplace. I made even more certain to speak up and out, so that people know that I am more, and I offer more than just my wardrobe choices. So don’t be scared of rich blues, or bright corals and everything in between.



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Earrings- Baublebar, Bag- Zara


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