I  mean this is what we’ve all been talking about lately- this is the one piece of advice that has extended beyond the church pews, beyond Oprah, all through our social media feeds. It is on the cover of most every magazine, it is the motto of everyone as they take their insta pics on their instatrips and you have to wonder. Have we really figured it out?

What does it even mean? Living your best life. Is it the same for everyone? Is the best life a perfectly baked life of a committed spouse, 2 obedient children and the house on the hill? Is it the beach house with no kids and vacations when you please? Or is it all of  it and none of it all at once.

But that’s the beauty isn’t it? The beauty is how unique that can be for each of us. The only problem is how easy it is to be distracted by what is going on in someone else’s life that you start to think you want things you really don’t want. We’ve all become so good at advertising, and packaging our lives so neatly that all of a sudden you want that quinoa burger cos it looks so good. But thing is, you don’t like quinoa. You just forgot.

So what am I trying to say here? I’m not telling you anything new- this is but a friendly reminder- don’t be distracted by how we all package our lives. I love mine but I can assure you, I mostly share the best tidbits. It’s a lot holding down a job and traveling and blogging and I do love it and I know it’s all a blessing. But I can assure you- I’m not there yet. Wherever there may be. I’m still working on the best version of my life which includes more family time, more friend time, less screen time. And I just want to make sure that you never get distracted from what YOU really want, what really matters in your life- regardless of any perfectly edited and curated images you may see on social. 

If it were all to go away, all of it- what would your best life look like- a spiritual life? A fit life? healthy living? traveling? shopping? All of it? None of it? Remember to take the time to really figure it out for yourself. Do not be fooled, Do not be SOLD. 



  1. Brittany

    November 21, 2018 at 12:09 pm Reply

    Sage advice, Cyn! You’re as insightful as you are beautiful 🙂

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