I have a newfound love of the pantsuit. It’s funny, it was my first love for a work outfit, although the way I wore it back in the day, left alot to be desired. The fit was wrong and I do recall owning both a depressing, dull brown pantsuit and a faded black one that would have been otherwise Ok, if it was only the right length.

Now I know what works for me so much better and the silhouettes that flatter most every body type. First, I recommend that if you’re buying your pants from any big fashion chain, you put a couple of dollars to the side, to have the pants fitted by a tailor – I go to the local laundromat – I am so lucky that she completes alterations at a very competitive rate and in the quickest time.

Second, don’t be scared of color.  Colorblocking; mixing and matching makes the outfit a-lot more fun and it will definitely stand out in the best possible way. I actually don’t assume what works anymore, I just pull a bunch of colors I like individually and test out different combinations until I find one that clicks. Below you’ll see that same pants worn in 2 different color combinations.

Third: Time to step away from the skinny (even if only temporarily) a high waist – wide leg pant is your friend. They almost always look good on everyone. See BELOW!




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