It’s been an eventful few months. I’ve worked more hours at my day time gig than usual and worked on more collaborations for the blog than ever before. I am of course not complaining, that would be highly selfish and ungrateful. Instead I’m feeling a combination of surprise and anxiety that I am in this position at all.

You see I started this blog as a hobby, a creative outlet for my passions and inspiration. Several years later it has brought me both great joy and some lows too. Lows because doing anything publicly as we do on social media inadvertently  and almost always leads to self judgment, comparison and sometimes envy. Joy because the positivity can be overwhelming, the immediate feedback addictive and the networks and connections surprising. I have been challenged beyond belief, I have been scared and nervous beyond belief. I am stronger now and on any given day, I am eons better and have a better head on my shoulders than I’ve ever had before. I have had to work hard to nurture the positive and to push back self doubt.  I share this today because I get messages on Instagram and emails and while it may seem as though I have this all figured out, I’m still learning and improving. I’m learning to trust my instincts, my vision and my voice. I’m learning to put on blinders when necessary, I’ve learned to appreciate and be inspired, to navigate travel, fashion, art – to soak in the best gift of all – which is getting to experience moments.

Thanks for being a part of the journey and the continued support. Shoot me an email if you’ve experienced similar.  If you’re on a similar journey,  if you’ve suffered through self-doubt or fatigue. If you’re on a high and how you keep that going, how you motivate yourself, do you keep the blinders on off, are you constantly looking around or staying focused?


Wearing Asos Jumpsuit, Aldo sandals, Clare V Bag, Gorjana Earrings



  1. Dineo

    June 14, 2017 at 5:27 am Reply

    I love your blog , it inspires me. I totally feel what you are saying as I am so critical of my own blog. I am trying not to follow or look at other blogs as I get mixed emotions and somehow I would compare myself. I started this for passion and I will keep at that. Thing is with blogging these days it seems they are so much about glitz, glamour, expensive clothing etc. Getting a photographer etc. My thing was always about talking to the South African girl like me who loves style and life. Anyways not to dwell but I like all things about this blog. My favorites are the travels (you keep adding to my bucket list), the WCW, the food and everything style. I love how your outfits are not overly complicated. Keep it up. Was so happy when you came to SA, especially Cape Town as I live there. Anyways all the best & prosper. You inspire.

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