17 notes for 2017 and 1 note to welcome 2018

  1. I did things that really terrified me, whether it was saying yes to speaking engagements, collaborating with brands and people that I would have otherwise been intimated by or maybe it was that moment when I bungee jumped off the Bloukrans bridge in South Africa.
  2. I became an Aunty twice in the same year- doubly blessed- my older and younger sister both had their first babies in 2017. I’m such a lucky Auntie.
  3. I did not read nearly enough books, but I did consume more news that ever before, not just mainstream news, I made an effort to find and read more global news from different perspectives- maybe it’s because we’re living in the Trump era. Ignorance may be bliss but it is never acceptable when you are lucky enough to have access.
  4. I slowly phased out and then completely stopped consuming dairy. My stomach and skin have never felt better. This was and remains such a challenge at restaurants where everything is doused in butter, cream or cheese. I did discover the best donuts ever- they just happen to be dairy free: DunWell Donuts.
  5. Wigs are fun, why was I so scared of them, I’ve tried 2 now, and its such a timesaver for someone like me who has been running around like crazy. Just make sure you get the right kind, had 2 wig mishaps, those moments never made it on blog or social.
  6. Domestic travel is amazing, this country is so incredibly diverse- this year I made it to New Orleans, Miami, Dallas, York, the Catskills etc for the first time.
  7. Did everyone but me get the instapot? I was surrounded by people telling me about their instapot adventures
  8. Women are amazing and 2017, we were louder, more outspoken, more determined, more unashamed than ever. The Women’s March on NYC in January was not only an amazing show of solidarity, it reminded me that often we feel powerless but we should never let that keep us silent.
  9. I’m not a live concert kinda girl but gosh darn it (i’m so not a swearer), Bruno Mars is the epitome of an entertainer, best show ever.
  10. Talking about #9 above, I was able to attend the show and do so many other many cool things this year all due to the kindness and generosity of my social media family. People love to list all that is wrong with social media- there’s so much that’s inspiring, supportive and beautiful about the social media community- from finding your tribe to finding a tribe you didn’t even know existed.
  11. There is only so much cold weather I can take. I don’t know if it always gets this cold in this city, but I keep trying to run away from the cold, hence all my recent trips… where can I escape to next?
  12. Ceviche yes, but I can’t get on the poke bandwagon, I’m sorry, I know, I should give it a good try but I really just can’t. Sorry. Someone let me know when we have the next food craze.
  13. This was the year I realized I started forgetting song lyrics. What’s happening? I could sing every song, every line and now I’m struggling- oh NO, is it the beginning of the end? I’ll just be somewhere in the corner, humming.
  14. Movies just aren’t as exciting as they used to be. The best content now is online or on cable TV. I’ll do a separate post of my fave content from 2017 regardless of platform.
  15. If you’re in an intergenerational relationship, for example parents, aunts, uncles of different generation, try to meet them where they are- for me that means, actually picking up the phone to call instead of texting.
  16. I give up on figuring out highlighting and contouring, it looks great on those who know what they’re doing, I’m even a little envious, but I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to manage any of that.
  17. I can only close 2017 with three key things: (1) GOD is GOOD (2) I AM BLESSED (3)THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR AN AMAZING YEAR.
  18. 2018: Let’s do this. I’m Ready. Are you Ready??

Below is a 2017 Experience in Video.


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