I somehow decided to wear everything Orange all at once. I’m not sure how these colors are photographing but every single piece besides my watch and shoes is some shade of orange – not red, not yellow but Orange. If there’s any color that is really hard to work with in pictures, it would have to be these. I was happy that for the most part, they photographed true to shade. The Kate Spade bag is definitely less bright than the pants and depending on the light, comes across as a Coral.

I feel like I have hit a little style/fashion funk so I’m pushing myself to wear and combine prints and colors I wouldn’t normally put together.  I have to say, these colors are not for the faint of heart – you will get stared at, I repeat, you will get stared at. But look at it this way- your friends will be able to spot you from a mile away and that’s a bonus if you needed one.

I could have closed out with some bright colored pumps/shoes to keep the theme going, but decided that I will keep at least one piece muted and I’m happy I did. Although, I do think if/when I do this again, I might pull out a primary color for my shoes- not exactly sure yet which color- maybe green, maybe blue. Oh, the things I’ll try…


Wearing: H&M sweater; H&M pants, Nine West pumps, Timex Watch, Kate Spade Bag



  1. Ife

    October 2, 2017 at 3:36 pm Reply

    What a great choice of color. I find orange compliments a dark tone. Reminds me of Lupito Nyong’o.
    Great color scheme. I vote for blue heels, bold and fun.

  2. ChicTherapy

    October 2, 2017 at 3:23 pm Reply

    These two colors together are absolutely amazing on your skin tone.

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