The end of the year, each time it arrives quicker than the last. 2017 of course was no different in how quickly it went by, but I do think this marks a remarkably different year for me and I really need a little bit more quiet time to fully detail all of that. what I can say not, is I am proud of how much I did different this year in the past, how much I learned and listened, how much introspection into the things I love about myself and the things I quite frankly loathe.

It sucks when you find an aspect of your personality that you’re not proud of- you can ignore it, be defensive about it or face it head on. So you decide to face it head on, but for the life of you, it’s not that easy. And so, it sucks even more when you find yourself repeating that behavior like an inevitable loop.

So why the warm fuzzies, because I’m on a not giving up kick. I’m determined to get off that not so merry go round. And there’s something empowering about not quitting- especially when you’ve been such a quitter in the past. I’m looking for the silver lining- it’s what keeps us going, I’m digging in for the warm fuzzies- I’ll have nothing less this end of year and beyond.

Sidenote: Abercrombie is having 50% of all coats– including this one I’m wearing here.


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