Lou & Grey


Have you had that feeling of- why oh why do I always shop at the same 3 places? It’s funny, we all do it. We think we found what works for us and we hardly ever try new places. There’s a certain amount of comfort in going to an old faithful, the place where you know what to expect.

But There-in lies the problem. The problem or the mundanity of the same. Now I have to admit, for a long time this extended beyond my wardrobe, stretching into the restaurants I go to, the activities I partake in,the way I style my hair. I understand the comfort that resides in knowing, in knowing without a doubt exactly what you’re going to get- but I’m discovering the better joy in discovering and sometimes rediscovering.

Case in point- I will use fashion as an analogy, a very suitable one for this platform. I do tend to shop at the same places and I have to admit, one of the best things about having this platform is the increased exposure I have received over the past few years to brands I had never heard of and brands I was aware of, but just never quite took the time to explore.

Lou & Grey is one. They are a relatively young brand from the Ann Taylor family and While I appreciated their minimal aesthetic – my first interaction with them was in the context of workout/loungewear. Which means that I completely compartmentalized them in my head and would not have considered them as a go to when putting together my summer looks.

As I have been known to say on here- “Color me surprised” when I actually was approached by Lou & Grey to take another look, through a new lens,to explore their summer collection. I could see their cottons and linens perfect for summer, their florals and stripes, the dresses, jumpsuits and even sets. And it dawned on me, I probably wouldn’t have given them a proper try and it had me thinking of what you miss when you assume or when you don’t explore.

And while I’m saying all this in this fun, limited, fashion-y context, I believe it applies across all things, all experiences.

So go take a look, or another look – that is in essence my 2018 motto.

Till the next time folks!!!


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