So I finally got a chance to relax this weekend. It has felt like go, go, go over the past few and I wanted to do as close to nothing as possible. There was only one small thing to do and that was catch up with a friend over brunch.  I love a few things that start with the letter B. There is Bread of course, and and all things Brunch.  I decided to Reunion in Williamsburg would be a great stop, especially cos I have had it bookmarked for way too long. Slight detour here: I find that I obsessively bookmark restaurants in much the same way I add movies to my Netflix Queue. Lord only knows when I will eat at all those places or watch all those movies.



The food was a delightful mix of Turkish Israeli cuisine, from an Israeli Salad and falafels to Lahma’ajun (often referred to as a Turkish pizza) and a spicy Lamb shakshooka (pictured) made of a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce which had to be my fave.  Another popular item I didn’t try because I am all Avocadoed out, was their smash avocado that was on the plates of more than half the folks there.


To the Rescue

This post wouldn’t be complete without highlighting a new app I’m all over. They reached out to me to try it out and I couldn’t be happier to share how easy it works. Anything that makes life easier and any tech that uncomplicates things is golden for me. Usually, at the end of a meal with friends comes the dreaded how do we split the bill, who has cash, who is putting on card, should a tip calculator be used etc etc. Well, with Square cash you can send funds to the other person immediately no fuss and absolutely free.

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All in all a fine weekend. How did you spend yours?

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