There’s some things I realized I have never ever owned, never worn, never had in my closet and I don’t know why. On my weekend visit to Greenport NY (more on that later), I scoured Nordstrom Rack for something a little different and I fell upon this number. I’m not sure why I hadn’t considered tie-dye in the past, maybe it was because I had that one aunt that wore it all the time growing up. It always seemed a little fussy, a little dowdy and just never quite right.

But there was something about this particular one that was saying, get me in thee shopping cart. And so I did. Either I’ve been blissfully ignorant or people love tie-dye. It was quite literally compliments galore everywhere I went. My favorite part was how soft the fabric is and how it moved. Maybe I still have lots to learn after all. And lots more to try.

Are there any fashion trends that you’ve stayed away from? Never tried? Tell me.


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