So you want to visit San Miguel De Allende. You’ve heard quite a bit about this colonial-era city in Central Mexico. You’ve heard it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you maybe heard it either wins or tops The World’s best city awards. There is definitely alot of good reason behind the hype of San Miguel De Allende (SMA) and it is all well deserved, because all the things you look for when you travel: food, restaurants, design hotels, art, architecture, history are all very much present and accessible.

So you’ve booked your flight, you might be flying to QRO (Querétaro International Airport) which is closer to San Miguel, alternativelty you’re flying to Mexico City airport like we did, and then hopping on bus or in a car for the 4 hour drive to SMA. We chose the latter option as we travel with our 2 year old twins and there weren’t any direct flights to the closer airports from NYC. All the connecting flights required a little bit more time, money and effort- so we settled on flying to Mexico City and arranging airport pickup through our hotel. The ride cost about $200 and a little closer to 3.5hrs as we were lucky to not have much traffic.

WHERE TO STAY: I’ll provide a more detailed review of the hotels we stayed at later this week, but here are the 6 hotels worth considering for different reasons:

Meson Hidalgo: Design, Location, Affordability
This super intimate guesthouse was our first choice. With only 3 guestrooms, and located on Hidalgo street, a street you are sure not to want to skip with it’s shopping, food and more, this hotel also has a beautiful boutique with some of the best finds I saw during my entire time in SMA. There’s also an art gallery and beautiful terraces that truly take you away from the hustle and bustle of the street, right outside. Note: Adults only.

Doce 18 Concept House: Design, Location, Service, Variety
This is another smaller boutique hotel that more than holds its own against any bigger luxury hotel names. The attention to detail here is beyond. This is probably the hotel that those “in the know” would recommend. It is also brilliant because not only will your room be unique and a delight, there’s also pretty much everything you’ll need at your doorstep. They truly bring the best in food, art, design all in one place. Some of my favorite shopping was in their much bigger than it looks from the outside fashion store, after which I proceeded to the bakery and gelato shop right next door.

Amatte Wellness Resort: Unique Design, Gastronomy, Instagram worthy
This hotel is a little bit (and I just mean 5 minute drive or so) on the outskirts of the central area of SMA- or Zona Centro. As such, it is a little bit quieter and lives up to its name of Wellness and resort. If walking cobblestoned streets all day and all the highly vibrant colors and saturation of SMA wore you down during the day, this is a perfect place to unwind and relax and zone out a bit. I tend to prefer eating local/street food etc when travel but I have to give it to their kitchen. I implore you to try their vegan coffee chocolate desserts, I ordered that back to back- so good.

Live Aqua: Location, Design, Service, Architecture, Dining options
This is one of those hotels that regardless of your room type, you won’t feel shortchanged. I was able to tour over 5 rooms types in different price points and locations across the hotel and each one felt unique and luxurious. If you don’t want to splurge on the larger rooms, I am here to tell you, that you won’t need to, you will still have an amazing room with all the finishes and attention to detail. It’s a beautiful hotel with over 6 different dining experiences and service is A+++

Casa De Sierra: Location, Heritage, Luxe, Sanctuary
Want to feel like you stepped back in time, want to feel fully taken care of in a 17th century fortress. Then this is the one, this is where you need to be. This hotel is decidedly and uniquely Mexican in every way, by celebrating and highlighting Mexican culture, architecture, and cuisine. And if you’re familiar with the Belmond brand, then you know you’ll be in great hands- From Spa time, to Art tours, to Wine tastings- they will arrange it all for you.

La Valise San Miguel: Location, Design, Intimate
This was another one we wanted to stay at, but due to their size and design, it is an Adults only Hotel. They have been featured everywhere due to their unique combination old old world and contemporary design. if you’re looking for a truly unique stay that will really make you feel like you traveled far away, then this is the one.

SMA is brilliant in so many ways, and quite frankly, where you end up staying will just be the icing on the cake, and the cake itself is darn delicious. If you’re looking for experiential videos of my trip to SMA, please visit my Instagram Highlights named San Miguel.



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