I have to admit, hotels are a big part of the travel experience for me. I love hotels- I really do. But not just any hotels, those hotels that really make you forget that you’re living in a temporary space, a shared space. Hotels that make you feel special and highlight an experience set apart from the everyday-ness of your own home or your personal bedroom.

It is for that reason, because I take my hotel stay so much to heart, that I spend an insane amount of time researching and deciding upon the best place to stay. The search is almost always the same. I start with my location- do I need to be extremely central?, do I want to be in a “happening” area, or a quieter neighborhood?  I screen for ratings using trusted sites like TripAdvisor and Booking and I check instagram hashtags for recent pics. How did we ever do anything before without the internet?

When I began my search for Dallas, one place kept coming up- The Joule. The Joule appealed to my sensibilities on so many levels but interestingly above all, I loved that it offered what felt like a suite of experiences. From casual to high end dining options, sister boutiques inside and right next to the hotel for shopping, a coffee shop that would be perfect for blog time and the kind of design elements I look for. Design is of course important for me as a blogger since so much of what I do, what I capture and what I share is visual. But design without functionality can be a pain; a lesson I’ve learned and keep learning when I get excited about something simply based on looks (yup, pretty superficial), only to realize that it doesn’t make sense or really work in the every day sense. Kinda like those amazing 5inch stiletto sandals that look amazing but that you can never wear.

Well, I’m using a lot of words when what I really need to do is share images. So let me take you from the room to the lobby to the restaurant and to the curb- in that particualr order actually.

When next you’re in Dallas, Stay at The Joule, Eat at Americano or CBD Provisions, and shop at TenOverSix.
Right there is a perfect way to spend 36 or more hours in Dallas.


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