You know that feeling, when you have been waiting, anxiously waiting for something and hoping that it lives up to your expectations. That was the case with Silversands Grenada. I remember the first time I read about Silversands,  a brand new hotel opening in Grenada that was going to change everything. I quite literally visited the website every few months, anxiously waiting for an opening date. This was bookmarked, saved, wishlisted and everything in between.

So when it opened and reservations were made, I was so excited, counting down the days until my stay. And when we got to the airport, I started wondering if I had set my expectations too high. Just in case you’re thinking of making the trip, here’s exactly how it played out.

We landed and were greeted at the immigration line by a gentleman from the hotel. He kindly hurried us along past the lines to the front for rush service. We literally spent no more than 15 minutes from touchdown to exit. At the exit, we were greeted by a Tesla Model X, one of only 2 Teslas on the island. After a comfortable and less than 20minute ride on Maurice Bishop Highway, right in the center of St. George, at the heart of it all, we pulled into SilverSands property.

The thing that gets you when you pull up to the hotel is the stunning and impressive pool that stretches all the way to the ocean. The illusion is breathtaking, it feels like one continuous stretch of blue water, making it hard to tell where the pool stops and the ocean begins. The pool is actually a record breaker, the longest pool in the Caribbean, 2X the length of an Olympic pool. The reception area highlighted another key feature of the hotel, a general openness – light woods, cut out wood panels, so you can see a lot of everything no matter where you stand or sit. 

From reception, I was already plotting: drinks by the beach chair, breakfast at the restaurant patio, sunset views at any one of the seating areas and so much more. 

There are quite a few room options -most if not all with Ocean views. Our room was on the second floor, which meant a balcony staring directly out into the Ocean.  Since most of the property is covered with lush greens- every view brings the best combination of blues and greens. Other highlights in the room included the well-appointed bathroom, with a tub that didn’t get nearly as much love as I thought it would. I also really loved the amount of technology built into the rooms- it made for such convenience, I also love forward thinking hotels. The ones that think of things that make your stay that much more enjoyable, little things you wouldnt have even considered. The hotel even has an app that we used to set everything from lighting, temperature, window shades, bed curtains etc. I want all of this in my own home someday… someday.

There are 2 restaurants on the property serving Caribbean dishes as well as Asian inspired dishes. I enjoyed every single meal at each restaurant. Breakfast was a full spread, with just about everything you would want. Some of the sweetest fruit too, although that might just be an island thing. Food highlights for me included the seafood and shrimp dishes at Asiatique and the grilled meats at Grenadian Grill.

And if you like a good party, like a really good party, then the crowd and DJ at Grenadian Grill after hours is where you need to be. We were literally lulled out of our fatigue to party once the music started playing; the dancefloor just a few feet from the ocean. Good music, good food, beautiful people and the ocean breeze- what more can anyone ask for?

What I really loved about the service at Silversands, what that it didn’t feel like service- I hope you understand what I mean by that. It never felt put on, it felt so balanced, just the right amount, just the right touch. It felt warm without being invasive, professional without being distant, familial without being overly casual. I also had some of the best chats with the staff and if time permitted, I would have loved to continue the conversations.

Silversands is a luxe experience for sure, you know that when you see the rates, but not everything that costs $$$ is worth it. This for me was one of those special places, the kind you think back to, the kind that is intended to be unique. They get all the stars- they really do.

Extras: the hotel can help with island excursions, we were set up with a sunset sail with Savvy Sailing. The spa on premises is also top notch and really beautiful for relaxing. 



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