If the Royal Mansour is where the Royals stay, then El Fenn is where the cool kids, the artists, the designers, the we’re cool but you can sit with us crowd go.

Located even closer to the medina, it feels very much a part of it. Blink and you’ll almost miss the entrance through the boutique. While not the main entrance, it is the more convenient entrance and the one we used for the most part. 

The Boutique and its colors give you a sense of what to expect, rich colors, intricate design, and global art (not just Moroccan art, but SubSaharan art). I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how much Black African art there was at El Fenn. The boutique even featured beaded masks from a Cameroonian artist.

Now, you can go for a surprise or you can cherry pick your room. Every room at El Fenn is so uniquely different. Different in size (from teeny to super expansive), different in color schemes, different in decor but all beautiful. You’ll find yourself both totally in love with your space but also envious of the other rooms. If I had all the time and options, I’d try to experience 2 different room types here. 

We chose a 3 bedroom suite for a few reasons. One we wanted as many different room decor options, we wanted space for the boys to run around, we wanted additional privacy as our suite was completely set apart and not as close to the other rooms.


Service was impeccable and fast, everyone was kind and the food from the restaurant was delicious. They are really good at sharing where to go and things to do, and their hotel issued magazine gave us so many great ideas, so make sure to read it.  

We had a few cleaning hiccups (wish the rug was vacuumed or swept better) and one time they didn’t clear our food when we asked them. I also have a thing about hotel towels and I really wish theirs were a little better. There are no TV’s here, so if that’s a thing for you, you’ve been warned, but that was fine for us. The times we needed a distraction, we had our phones and tablets. 


Stairs are mostly unavoidable in riads, that’s just how it goes. If you have little ones that aren’t stair ready then make sure to check that you’re on the ground floor and even more importantly that your room itself doesn’t have stairs. There is an elevator on the property but as far as we could tell that was really for getting to the rooftop pool and restaurant. It is also pretty teeny, so if you’re with a stroller, it may not work. 


We would go back and I would choose the room Madonna stayed in, not just because Madonna stayed there, but because it really has one of the best outside seating areas and it’s so lovely. I kept walking back and forth to check it out. Interestingly enough, it is not one of the more expensive rooms, so don’t be deterred by who’s been there before. 

Rooms from 300 euros and up. (prices depend on season and room size)



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