As I packed my bags for a short getaway, to Panama City, Panama, I recall my trip this summer to Stockholm. Of the 3 stops we made (Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm), Stockholm was the one I was most excited about. That is, until I started looking for a hotel and was faced with severely limited affordable accommodation options. I mean, there were so many beautiful spaces and rentals and hotels and hostels but they were all seriously on the high side.  And just when I was about to give up, I found out about a little boutique hotel that had recently opened called the Melody hotel.

So to make this pretty easy and straight forward, I’ll just go through the 5 reasons, you should stay at Melody.
  1. Immensely Clean: nothing makes me happier and more comfortable than a hotel that delivers when it comes to cleanliness. 
  2. Literally right next to the Abba Museum: I have mentioned a few times on here, my love for ABBA. So imagine my joy to find out that the hotel is not only right next to the ABBA museum, its’s actually the museum’s official hotel as well.
  3. Location: Sometimes, in the interest of saving a buck, we have sacrificed location. While, the hotel is not smack dab in the city center, it is so very close to transportation, the tram lets you off right in front of hotel (5-10min ride to the center) and there’s also a ferry that takes you to Old town every 10minutes or so. We never felt like we were out of the way.
  4. Customer Service: Kindest people we met, upgraded our room and were great at giving us recommendations.
  5. Topnotch Free Breakfast: No skimping here- this is a proper, everything you could possibly want to have for breakfast. We started our days very full and saved a ton of money too.

Me completely photobombing pic in my greatly oversized but super comfy jeans.



  1. chicblackchick

    November 28, 2014 at 11:45 pm Reply

    I LOVE ABBA! Sweden has been on my to go list for quite some time now, and this hotel looks very clean (but also a bit cold I don't know maybe that's just me though).

    **Thank you for this blog post** (sung to the tune of Thank You For The Music of course with my cheesy self).


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