Getting away in all forms is always exciting to me. I have shared on here how I plan for long getaways and how I squeeze in every short escape that I can. I’m lucky that as a result of this blog and social media, I get to talk with so very many people about travel, about what they love, where they go, where they dream of going. For some reason, we sometimes associate travel with going far, far away and we sometimes forget to look right next door. There are surprises and hidden gems hidden closer than you may realize and I’m making an effort this year into the next, to discover more nearby gems.

And that’s how I ended up in York, Pennsylvania. York, also known as White Rose City, is a beautifully diverse city in the South Central part of Pennsylvania. I have to admit, I knew nothing about York prior to this trip, and I mean nada and all my assumptions (might be too small, not enough to do, not diverse) were all very wrong. I’m splitting my weekend recap into 2 parts. First, I’ll share a little about where I stayed and in another post, I’ll go into a little more detail about what I did in York.

So – my base for my 2 night stay was Tru by Hilton – the perfect choice for someone like me. And, by that I mean, it quite literally checked off everything on my want/need list for a hotel.

– Clean & Clean: Not only was it hyper clean but because they opened just this October, it still had that new hotel smell – those were the exact words my husband said when we walked in. The open layout and modern design also felt fresh, inspiring and welcoming.

– Hyper connected:
During my Tru by Hilton stay, I experienced none of the usual headaches with getting connected. Don’t you hate when you get to a hotel and Wi-Fi isn’t complimentary or even worse happens to be super slow. I remember staying at a “high end” hotel last year and they were charging $$$ for daily Wi-Fi. I and half the hotel ended up overcrowding the lobby where we received only free 2 hour Wi-Fi passes. But I digress, because I’m always working (blogging, emails etc), I need not only connectivity but work spaces.

There were so many options in Tru by Hilton that my usual escape to a coffee shop to get some work done wasn’t needed. It was also a bonus that the decor is all bright and colorful so you can’t help but feel energized and positive. Even the rooms were designed with connectivity in mind, there was not a desperate search for an outlet. Outlets are aplenty and better yet, most if not all the outlets include the USB option so that I could charge all 5 of my USB dependent devices.

– Breakfast done right: It is my belief that breakfast, like Wi-Fi, should be complementary and included in all hotel stays. At Tru, they have a fun breakfast format; it’s all about customization and getting exactly what you want. They even have a “Top It” breakfast with 30 sweet and savory toppings – so you can go as healthy or be as nutty as you want.

– Boutique Feeling: There was something truly local about the hotel, from how you’re greeted to all the little touches that make you feel like you’re in a local hotel. The front desk offered locally made treats – from chips to candies; and the main floor had a “Tru-ly Local” wall with highlights on the best of shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. all selected by staff and locals. I literally just used selections from the wall to create my entire weekend itinerary.

I’ve said this before and I think it’s worth repeating, the $ you pay or the number of stars associated with a hotel by themselves do not tell the full story. I have stayed at $$$$ that had several shortcomings and, conversely, I have stayed at truly affordable places that turned out to be complete standouts. When I think of what I got here – from location, to amenities, to comfort (did I mention the ultra comfy bed facing the perfectly wide screen TVs in the rooms), I’m reminded of that. I’m reminded that you don’t have to spend $$$ to live, eat, travel, or to stay well.

Disclosure: My stay was covered and I received compensation from Tru by Hilton. All opinions are my own.


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