Up until a few years back, I would have considered myself the average traveler. I took 2 weeks vacation every year (no more, no less), I tried my best to go somewhere far, but often I stayed local. I only had to pack for travel but a few times and so I never put much thought into what suitcase I traveled with and how poorly it functioned. Of course, it wasn’t always a fun experience, like when my suitcases lock broke, (honestly it popped) and I had to find a last minute suitable replacement. I remember shifting to fabric travel bags for a while, that was until I had a few rips and making matters worse, the straps would almost always fall apart.

Those days are long gone now, and as my travel time has increased so has my need for travel products and accessories that work better than advertised but that can be both reliable and also hold up to whatever overpacked torture I may put them through.

And for all of that, I will not, I refuse to sacrifice style in the process. So I have spent some considerable time looking for forward thinking brands and products that reflect that.
And all of that has led me back to a place next door and dear to my wallet- Macy’s. TRIPS Luggage launched exclusively with Macy’s and is well suited for the modern traveler that can handle the every day but also the unexpected that can come with travel. For example, as I type this, I am on a trip to Grenada. My Pink TRIPS luggage was supposed to make it on my flight as a carry-on but an unfortunate detour meant a late airport arrival which led to my suitcase being trucked off to cargo and not conveniently above my seat.  

All I could think about, were my very many essentials, from tech to jewelry and one breakable piece that was never intended for check-in.  When I rushed to the baggage carousel- I just kept thinking, please don’t be broken, please don’t be broken.

You can imagine my relief to see my bright pink standout suitcase, unfazed and unharmed by the multitude of conveyor belts it had probably been on. The minor scuffs wiped off easily and I opened to find every single thing in its rightful place, even though I hadn’t fully secured everything.

A great purchase is always a combination of features, convenience, utility and price. And Macy’s and TRIPS Luggage have definitely made that happen. And lest I forget, there is a 15% off sale going on right now with code “HOME”- I encourage you to check it out.

Although this is a sponsored post, I am committed to only sharing and highlighting products I have personally test-driven and enjoyed.  If you have questions, concerns – please feel free to ask. I’m an open book, An open book in a closed suitcase.

Suitcase highlights I loved:

  • 5000 MAh rechargeable, removable, high capacity power bank which equates to roughly 2 charges pending device etc.
  • Hinomoto Silent Run® spinner wheels. So smooth, so quiet.
  • Double interior packing sections with multiple accessory pockets and a removable laundry bag. My absolute fave*
  • TSA approved recessed travel lock.
  • 10 year warranty- this shows they trust their product to work.
  • Aluminum retractable handle system with ergonomic handle

Visit the Macy’s Home Sale here for more travel related items on sale you may want to check out for your next trip. I’ve highlighted few items on sale: here, here, here, here, and here

Thank you Macy’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.


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