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It’s Claire or Claire_Most as she’s known on insta.
This Parisian is killing it every which way and was game for a quick round of 5 random questions:

Best gift you have ever received?
It was an helicopter tour in New York. It is such a good memory !

Any 3 cities in the world you would like to live in?
Well I love Paris, the more I travel and the more I love my city ! I would love to live in New York as well and the last city is Sydney you have the city, the beach and beautiful landscapes !

Worst punishment you had as a child?
Ahah I was a nice kid but I remember one day I said that the rice my mom cooked, smelled like fart so she decided to send to bed without diner.
(I’m dying of laughter, something my mom would do)

Best way to spend $20?
In food of course !

Your 3 favorite foods?
French fries, watermelon and anything with avocado.

Make sure you check Claire out on insta and many thanks to Claire for participating. Till next week.



  1. Winifred

    May 15, 2018 at 10:12 am Reply

    I’m following her on Instagram. i love her mixed tom-boyish and girlie style… those fros are everything too!

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