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Quite literally obsessed with this Brazilian lady, her style, her smile… every image on her feed. Let’s get to know Larissa Cunegundes a teeny bit more in 5 questions and fingers crossed nothing got lost in translation 🙂 My Portuguese is well, pretty much non-existent.

Are you usually late, early or right on time when you have an appointment?
Lately, I’ve been been on time to my appointments

Any 3 cities in the world you would like to live in?
New York , Barcelona or London

Best Gift you have ever received?
An analog lomography camera

Best way to spend $20?
With friends over a good drinks.

Best thing in your opinion about being a woman?
Tough question, but we get to be versatile,
we get to have fun with clothes and we get to rock really fun lipsticks!

A lady who knows how to have fun, check out Larissa here.


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