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I used to joke all the time that if and when I have babies, my hubby better get ready to change all the diapers. I had been able to marvelously escape diaper duty as an older sister, as an older cousin, as an auntie and on quite literally every other occasion that would call for changing diapers. You know how new parents have a list of things they worry about, mostly sleep deprivation and not having your life the way it used to be? For me, it was always diaper duty. I kept thinking, “what magic would I need to escape this?” And then when I found out we were having twins, it was clear to me that diapers were going to be a massive part in my life – doubly so.

The first diaper change happened at the hospital and the first diapers the twins got were Pampers Swaddlers. The nurses were amazing, whipping the diapers out and making the change like nothing. I have never paid more attention to anything in my life. I had heard stories of blowouts and that was something I absolutely didn’t want to experience. Even more scary sounding was the diaper rash. I figured it would be just a little pesky rash until my more experienced girlfriends explained that it was nothing to scoff at and needed to be avoided at all costs. Keep that baby dry, keep their skin clean and clear – don’t have them suffer.

And so my husband and I graduated from watchful interns at the hospital to full on pros at home. We made sure to stock up on Pampers Swaddlers because if the hospital trusted Pampers, so did we. We found out later that Pampers is the #1 Pediatrician recommended brand and this was confirmed night one. These twins have never seen another diaper brand since. We may not know everything but we learn quickly.

A few months later, I became a full on Pampers partner and it’s not just because of their care and commitment to babies’ skin, making sure it remains dry and healthy. You have no idea the extent of a baby’s health that starts from a dry and healthy behind. 

But also what I’ve loved discovering has been the brand’s additional commitment to and support for families. They offer online childbirth and parenting resources, sponsor programs around maternal health and specifically Black maternal health, and lead programs like Bright Beginnings to encourage parents to read with their children from a very young age.

As a new parent, you look for resources and tools you can rely on and trust in the journey of parenthood. I definitely found a trustworthy partner in Pampers!


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