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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone special and nothing more exhilarating than when you feel that you got it just right. I’ve actually noticed that it’s a much harder task buying gifts for those i’m closest to. It’s a combination of truly wanting to please them, but also with each passing year, wanting to top myself and be slightly more original than I have been in the past.

If there’s anything I’ve learned as a tip for gift giving, I’ve learned that gifts that offer options are often the best. What do I mean? I mean, if the gift recipient has the ultimate option of choosing their gift; of being a participant in the process, the likelihood that they will appreciate the gift increases significantly.

Just think about yourself, for example, if someone offered you the chance to test out a few different offerings, but ultimately, the specific choice was yours, wouldn’t that be better than being unpleasantly surprised by something you don’t appreciate; something you know you’ll be regifting in little to no time.

Which is why the Sephora Favorites collection is one of the best gift options I have seen this Holiday season. The concept is easy enough, and really brilliant. First, you purchase the Sephora Favorites Collection– there is an option with Sephora Favorites Cologne Sampler as well- we of course won’t leave the men out.

Both collections include the best of the best in fragrances – from Chloe to Tom Ford to Burberry to Yves Saint Laurent and more. After taking all the scents on a little bit of a test drive, I was ready to make my decision. Imagine that, your gift recipient can now  try out their gift options, play with different fragrances, see which one suits them best. The collection includes a voucher for a full size bottle at no extra cost.

Fragrances have always made great gifts but because each person’s scent is unique, it’s not always been an easy thing to shop for someone else. Do they prefer tangy citrus, sweet florals, spicy notes or woodsy fragrances.

I assumed I would only ever like citrus and was introduced to some alternatives I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. I also love that fragrances come at different price points and let’s say you fall in love with more than one scent, you can still indulge in the 30ml rollerball offerings for as little as $20. Sephora also offers an additional tool called the fragrance finder to additionally help with the search for the perfect fragrance. They truly are the best destination for anyone looking to purchase fragrances as they make it so easy and really help with making an informed decision.

And that’s my 2 cents, just a small way for you to win at gift giving this holiday season.


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