I love trying new things but I’m also super loyal when I find something that works for me. I might experiment but I keep some products with me all the time- I make sure I don’t run out. I call these my always, my forever, my loyalty products.

I mean, there’s no better feeling than knowing exactly what you’re going to get with a product. Especially when we’re talking beauty and makeup. Have you ever experienced putting on your makeup in a dimly lit room with new products and then stepping out proudly and confidently into the world, only to realize halfway through the day- when you finally catch sight of yourself in a street mirror that you look several shades of grey. Or the lip color that looked deep red turns out to be a garish orange.

But in order to get to that perfect look, you have to try- you have to experiment. And then when you do find them – you hold on tight (or at least until some business exec decides to discontinue the product and you wonder whyyyy?).

But back to my point. I have what I consider a pretty simplified makeup regimen. It goes something like this- primer, foundation, brows, lashes, and lip. I’m sharing 4 of my new loyalty products- all from where else – you guessed it at Sephora. One of the reasons I love shopping there is that it’s perfectly designed for the experimenter- the person who is looking for the perfect shade, the perfect lip- all of it.

So here are my personal faves- here are the ones that I’m for lack of a better word- getting an annual subscription for, because I know they will be repeat buys.

For foundation- I didn’t check this out immediately when it was released but I should have – Fenty by Rihanna  has the coverage I like, but super lightweight and it kept me going all day long.

Mascara- This one is bar none – my ultimate favorite. As in I’m shocked, shocked that I wasn’t on board sooner. I literally will never have an urge for fake lashes again with this magic Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara – Now I know why it’s called that.

Eye-liner- my shaky hand sisters- get thee to Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and fear the liquid liner no more.

Sephora Lip stories– cos a solid lipstick in a variety of modern shades shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Have you tried any of the above? Have you found your loyalty forever makeup or are you still searching??


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