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Dry shampoo- just the sound of it always made me a little nervous. I’m in the habit of adding moisture to my hair, so dry shampoo always sounded like something that would dry out my hair. I could completely resonate with the feeling of needing to clean/wash my hair in between wash days or being so busy that taking the time to wash my hair wasn’t a realistic option. I was excited to have a product that is intended to simplify said process but I couldn’t identify with a product that sounded like it would dry out my hair. I could just imagine flaky white powder or white residue on my roots.

Then I get an email to discover Waterl<ss and it was immediately evident they were different. First things first, they were born in Cape Town, South Africa with a specific mission to help on non-wash days for a wide range of hair types- if you know about South Africa- you know it’s diverse. 

Second, the mission became more about necessity and practicality than a simple preference or lack of time.

In January 2018, Cape Town was faced with a very real water crisis. In fact, predictions were made that the city would run out of water in 3 months. Something that could have seemed so trivial like washing your hair became a real problem that needed a solution- enter Waterl<ss.

So born out of a problem in Cape Town is a solution that works for all. Now, how is this product different from the rest?

Let me count the ways:

  1. It’s Sulfate and Alcohol free- need I say more. Those tend to be drying agents and it’s best if we skip them. 
  2. The foam dries fast and avoids the shrinkage that water normally causes to kinky, coily hair. It also doesn’t leave behind any chalky residue. Your scalp and roots are refreshed and not dried out. 
  3. The Hair Code tool: with Waterl<ss you get a hair code tool! You can complete a quick quiz on the site to figure out your hair code (which combo of your hair type + your cuticle and scalp health). The hair code allows Waterl<ss to recommend a specific and targeted product regimen for you.

My hair type and my product:

For me, I am using the Dry Shampoo Foam for thick or curly hair. I was concerned but it’s really an on-the-go product. The foam almost instantly disappears in your scalp- it’s so light and airy- and my hair felt fresher. For me, the true indication of a good clean was running my fingers through my scalp and not feeling any gunk or grease buildup which is exactly what I’m trying to get rid of. I would recommend truly focusing the product on your roots and scalp for best results. 

Often times the best way to figure out what works for you is to actually try it out and I think this one is worth a try. 

Learn more about Waterl<ss and their wide range of products here! 


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