Skincare- there’s a point that it hits you, that you need to be doing it. I’m not exactly certain when it happened. My first skincare memory was of my mum applying glycerin over my ashy knees and elbows.As i got older, she stopped doing the applying, but she did plenty of reminding. There I was trying to jump in the car and she’d send me right back for a proper rubbing of cocoa butter. I did what I had to but I definitely didn’t get the urgency or even the benefit. I was oblivious to ashiness and dry skin.

Somewhere in my late teens, when I started to care about my appearance, I became firmly aware of the difference between glowing, glistening skin and dry skin. But even then, I barely skimmed the surface. Little did I know or care about face moisturizing, clear skin, anti-aging, reducing pores or the difference between Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

That was then and this is Now. Now, I read the skincare mags and blogs, I visit Sephora and Ulta, sniffing around for samples and getting excited when I discover a new ingredient..

I’ve been an avid SheaMoisture user since the very beginning, The beginning was back in 2010- which feels somehow both like it was yesterday and also an eternity ago. In the time since then, so many products have come in and out of my dresser, but the one constant has been SheaMoisture products. I trust the brand and I’ve come to know what to expect.

Great Expectations: At least I thought I knew what to expect. That is until it was flagged to me that SheaMoisture is not only in the business of haircare but also in the business of skincare.

In the time that I’ve had to get familiar with the products- a few specific products have really stood out to me and are now part of my daily & weekly skincare regimen:

●  African Black soap Line : nothing better for clearer skin and keeping my acne at bay. Great for sensitive skin like mine. Not harsh in the least – and irritant free so that I can use daily.

●  Moisture and Hydration from the 100% Virgin Coconut line. This was the most impressive and the real skincare gem. I adore this stuff. Now that I know and appreciate the importance of keeping my skin hydrated, I’m happy to have found products that soften and lock in moisture. Years of using harsh acne products have created dry patches in my cheek area. I’ve already seen a difference over the past few. I also love that it doesn’t clog my pores (which could lead to acne).

I’m surprised that considering how much SheaMoisture products have worked for my hair, I didn’t make the skincare jump sooner. But I’m sure glad I did.



  1. lulu

    July 11, 2018 at 12:54 pm Reply

    is this good for sensitive dry skin and all races?
    thank you,

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