There’s something about summer that just fills me with joy and optimism. Everything feels lighter, brighter, sunnier and I quite literally feel more alive than ever. I love NYC so much but I know the only reason I survive the long winter months is because I schedule mini escapes throughout the year.

I do have to say though, there’s no better time in the city than late spring, early summer before the heat becomes ridiculously humid, when the air is still fresh and smells more of spring blossoms and green leaves than anything else.

Summertime is also when I minimize my beauty and skin regimen and I focus on small things that can make a big difference. For the most part, I pare down my makeup to a little concealer, a little mascara and I often skip the heavy lip and go bare lip or a light lip with a balm. If the occasion calls for it, then I’ll sometimes add a dash of color.

Emerging from the winter months, I often arrive at summertime with dry cracked lips for which there’s actually a simple 3 step regimen to go from drab to summer bright and radiant lips.

First- Use a scrub. I especially like to use one that smells good, so I’m thrilled L’Occitane released a line of Delicious Lip Scrubs made with real fruit extracts and nourishing Vitamin E.”

the smells so good, delicious lip scrubs from L’Occitane made with real fruit extracts (mandarin orange, fig, raspberry).  The scrub gets rid of dead skin and preps your lips to receive and retain moisture.

Second- Use a creamy lip balm  to lock in moisture. On many days, I can stop just here. L’Occitane also offers a range of Delicious Tinted Balms that add just a hint of color to your lips if you need that little extra something. My fave shade is Grenadine in Love which is not only creamy but has such an addictive scent.

Third- If you need that extra radiance, a little extra glow on your lips, then the L’Occitane Fruity Lipstick should be your next stop. Available in colors ranging from Nudes to Pinks, Plums and Reds, there’s something for everyone.

Do you change your skincare, beauty and makeup regimen for the different seasons? What do you do different in the warmer summer months?

P.S.- If you’re looking for an all in one lip care regimen, then I recommend the Lip Care Ritual Kit which contains a 3-in-One Delicious Multi-Balm, Delicious Lip Scrub and Fruity Lipstick.


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