My fave thing to talk about these days – Skin Care! So let’s get to it and what I’m about these past few.

Lately, my focus has been to educate myself on specific ingredients and what they do. This way I make sure I’m adding only what I need for my specific skincare concerns to my regimen.

A few months back, I spent some time focusing on oils- rosehip, olive, marula oil and the like. Those are all great- again depending on your specific skincare concerns. But I noticed something key, especially when you pivot to anti-aging specifically. When it comes to the professionals, to skincare professionals, to dermatologists- after sunscreen, the next most recommended product for any anti-aging regimen is Retinol.

Interestingly enough- the reason I gave up on retinol and retinoids eons back are the same reasons most other women have quit the ingredient- price, and irritation. I get irritated easily- I can’t tell you how many super popular, super well-reviewed and loved products have made their way to my dresser only to be gifted, returned or dumped. So after a couple of rounds of retinol that didn’t work in my favor, I kept it moving and decided that my anti-aging miracle would have to be from some other source- professionals be damned.

And then, just like that, in steps in Olay, basically saying- hey, let’s work together- try this out and let us know what you think. As a fan of Olay (literally the first brand my mum introduced me to as a proper skincare brand- yup, they’ve been around, cos they know what they’re doing); I said let’s give it a go.

I’m all for ease and convenience which is probably why right off the bat- I immediately developed an affinity for the serum. It’s high powered, concentrated but super lightweight. It does more and I have experienced ZERO irritation, if anything it’s the opposite. Mind you, the only skincare products I’ve been carrying with me over the last few weeks of travel has been just this night set. I actually forgot a new daytime moisturizer I wanted to try. And in spite of my abbreviated skincare routine, my skin is happy. I don’t have deep lines or wrinkles (yet) so I can’t speak to that- but I do have laugh lines and slight forehead lines (all that laughing and face scrunching will do that) that in my humble opinion – seem ever so slightly softer.

Again only more time will tell. This one, this Retinol 24-night serum; this one is staying on the dresser.

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    February 9, 2020 at 8:40 pm Reply

    Retinol can be very irritating at the start. Dermatologists recommend using the prescribed version for six months before seeing results. It’s hard to stick with it that long though. Glad you found one you liked.

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