It’s boots season, finally, Yes finally- we get to wear boots again and I have to tell you there’s probably only 3 reasons to appreciate colder weather in my opinion- Leather jackets, limitless hot ramen, and boots. That’s about it for me. I thank the Lord for small things like fashion to help me make it through 8 (feels like 10) months of NYC cold weather.

Did I share the story about a solid year or so, my husband and I were certain that we were going to move to Montreal. We talked about it so much, we researched neighborhoods, we looked at houses and apartments, we looked at jobs and pretty much everything in between. We started telling family and warning friends- we were going to move to Canada, we loved it there, the summer we visited – and just how much worse than NYC winter could Montreal winter be.

Well, that was over 6 years ago now and we didn’t move. What happened? You ask.  Quite simply, Montreal winter happened. It became apparent during our May (May, not January or February but May) that we were not trying to move any place that was 1-degree cooler, not until hell freezes over. That was one short dream but back to what I was saying. Boots, and more Boots. Here are my picks, short, tall, slouchy or shiny. Here are the ones I’m loving:


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