I remember it like yesterday- the excitement of getting a pair of sneakers that I had been dreaming and obsessing over for what felt like years but probably was only a few weeks. That’s what it’s like when you’re young- time stretches forever. I won’t forget it, I was 8 or 9 and it was all so wanted.

As the years have passed and I’ve gotten older- sneakers, trainers, kicks- have played a different but just as integral part of my life. They are my trust workout companion, my comfy weekend shoes, they are my « anything but heels » when I commute partner and they are increasingly my fashion statement.

Sometimes, there’s no other article of clothing that can do so much for your spirit or your look. While I may never call myself a sneakerhead, I’ve always loved being able to surprise and tickle peoples fancy with how I style and pair my sneakers to my outfits. I’ve especially had fun with my Nikes because the brand knows how to make sneakers functional while being versatile and stylish

The Nike Air Max Dia are the newest addition to my collection. I love that I can style them up or down. If you haven’t tried it yet- I dare you to combine these with a dressy dress or your fave pantsuit look, like I’ve done in the past with my other Nikes. I also encourage you to wear it with color or on the weekend when you make your coffee shop run. It’s quite literally always a solid choice and works for all occasions.

Always happy to find a new fave. Have you checked out Nike Air Max Dia?


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