My fave season is here- Spring! Beautiful, glorious, hopeful, promising, optimistic, blooming Spring. If Summer is Saturday, then  Spring is Friday, you’re excited, you instantly feel happier, you’re making Summer plans, you’re done with the crazy weekday or in this case, a long cold winter. To clarify- winter is of course and can only be the workweek. And I think of Fall as Sunday. Still a great season, but you can see Monday/Winter fast approaching so it holds a little dread. 

Once Spring arrives, I’m excited to peel off the layers, throw out practicality and just wear what makes me feel comfortable and happy, often time loose fitting dresses and jumpsuits. As soon as I saw this denim dress- it just said Spring to me – can be worn on its own or topped with leather jacket for when there’s still a chill. It’d look just as great with sandals or sneakers- which is always great for transitional pieces. And it’s one of those easy pieces that simply works.

So, let’s call the looks being served up by Free Assembly- effortless style or effortless chic for the effortless season that Spring is. Here are a few of my faves- from essential whites, to perfect for everyday white, and a few must haves like this dress and these pairs of jeans. There’s not just great stuff for women, but also something for him, so don’t forget to check out the men’s collection as well.

All looks are Walmart- Free Assembly and while post is sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own.


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