Even though I hate ( and yes hate is a strong word but I’m using it), even though I hate being cold, I’m not mad at dressing up for cooler weather. Although technically, I am talking about dressing for Fall as opposed to the dead of winter.

And when it comes to dressing up for Fall, the one thing that to me makes all the difference is a beautiful (even better if they are comfortable) pair of boots. It took me a while to figure out the best boots for me and most of that had to do with me learning about fit. I’m talking heel height, arch support, width, the circumference of calf and shaft, space in the toe area, etc.

Not all retailers have that information when you’re shopping for boots online, mostly they have the heel height, but increasingly that information is available. I have narrow legs and calves and for a long time, I could have sworn that I would never wear knee or thigh-high boots. It seemed like every boot I tried or ordered, I ended up swimming in. But then I started paying to brands that make narrower boots like Cole Haan and Stuart Weitzman and most importantly, a ton of Italian brands. I often shop for Italian brand boots on sites like Yoox and theitalist. And best part is they have a range of options from high end (break the bank designers) to more affordable designers (Vic Matie, The Seller, Circus hotel, to name a few) with boots in the $100-$400 range made with genuine Italian leather. Have to add that sometimes the aforementioned sites have impressive sales so really good deals can be had.

Anyways, below is a round up of some of the boots I own, love, and/or plotting.


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