J.Crew needs no introduction. They are an American classic- they know and understand style; not just fashion. I remember the first time I used their catalogue to put together an outfit in college – I got so many compliments that till this day I continue to use their website, Instagram and catalogue for style inspiration. For that reason, I was of course excited to attend the J.Crew x Vogue to not only shop their new fall collection but also to have fun getting dressed.

I love color and so I was happy to see that reflected in so much of the fall collection. I have never understood who decided that we all have to resort to dark colors for fall and winter. I’m pretty sure a pink or bright colored coat will keep me just as warm as a black one. At least, I’ll stand out, and if standing out is not your thing, then at least you brought a little brightness to someone’s day. And this is not to say that I am completely against any dark colors, I also love navys, forest greens, maroons and rich deep purples just as much as the next person- I just much prefer having options is all.

As is often the case, there was much to love and lust over- but what really had me going were the jeweled tones in the fall collection. Especially the collection cigarette pants available in emerald green, vintage quartz and a bright fuschia which I picked up and shared on instagram. Below are some pics from event and after that you’ll find a select few of my favorites.



  1. Tashira

    October 3, 2017 at 11:11 am Reply

    This post is dangerous! I just filled up my cart and cashed out on J. Crew’s website!

    xo, t

  2. Bids

    October 1, 2017 at 11:47 am Reply

    Those pointed flats are EVERYTHING! Absolutely love them! Great post as always!

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